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Choose an Oregon Health Plan CCO

Your OHP has local health plans that help you use your benefits. These plans are called coordinated care organizations or CCOs.

There are now more plan choices in your area. It's time to choose your plan! You can pick your plan until March 31, 2020.

Use this form to tell us what plan you and your family want.

Notice: This form only works in a current internet browser - such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer 10+. This form should work on your phone's internet browser.

What you will need

  • Do you have each person's OHP ID number? You will need it to use this form. Your ID number is on your OHP or CCO card.
  • Ready? Click Start.

If you need help, check out How to use this form or call us at 1-877-647-0027. You can also get help in person from a community partner. Find one in your area.

Please note: The information in this form is updated monthly. We get the information from your OHP case. If you have a change in your household or case information, please call 800-699-9075.